Residential Pet Waste Removal Services

Scoopity Poops is proud to provide regularly scheduled pet waste removal services (pooper scooping) for residential areas including back yards, front yards, side yards, decks, patios, and dog runs/kennels. Our typical service visit includes:

  • Weekly, bi-weekly, or every other week scheduling
  • Thorough scooping of yard/patio/sidewalk/dog runs
  • Clean and sanitized equipment at every visit with an EPA approved disinfectant
  • Uniformed, professional, and insured service techs
  • Complimentary treats for our furry friends (upon approval at sign up)
  • Complimentary waste haul away
  • Secure area upon departure
  • Complimentary notice of completion after every service
  • Additional Services as requested
# of Dogs 1x/Week 2x/Week Every Other Week 1 Time Cleaning / Initial Cleanup

(Avg of $15.01 per visit)

(Avg of $10.96per visit)

(Avg of $25.34 per visit)

(additional $35.00/half hour after 1st hour)

($15.00 off cleanup when signing up for recurring service)


(Avg of $17.01 per visit)

(Avg of $12.96 per visit)

(Avg of $27.34 per visit)


(Avg of $19.01 per visit)

(Avg of $14.96 per visit)

(Avg of $29.34 per visit)


(Avg of $21.01 per visit)

(Avg of 16.96 per visit)

Not Recommended

*Pricing based upon lots up to 1/4 acre. For services areas larger than 1/4 acre, please contact us for a quote.

Microbial Deodorizer Application

We offer add on services for an additional fee. If there is a service you would like us to provide that is not listed here, please contact us and let us know. Currently available add on services include:

  • Microbial deodorizing and solid reducing treatment
    • Use of all natural, biodegradable, and non toxic compound to help break down waste and reduce odors. The product is lawn friendly and safe for use around pets and livestock.

Microbial Deodorizer
Full Yard Treatment
$15.00/visit (when applied 2 or more times per month)
Spot Treatment
$5.00/visit (when applied 2 or more times per month)
1 Time Full Yard Treatment
1 Time Spot Treatment

Litter Box Service

This is an all inclusive litter box service. Upon sign up, we will provide 2 litter boxes with litter, per cat. You use one box per cat and store the second box. Each week, you set your dirty box(es) outside on your porch and use the other(s). We will dump your dirty box(es), clean and sanitize, and replace with fresh litter.

Litter Box Service
Initial Startup (2 boxes/cat)
$10.00/box or $6.00/box if you provide your own*
Weekly Stand Alone Service
$10.00/visit + $7.00/visit for each additional box
Yard Scoop and Litter Service Package
Standard Scoop Rate + $6.00/box
Bucket and Litter Package
Standard Litter Box Rate + $5.00/bucket

*Boxes must be no larger than 22x17x7.

Bucket Service

We will provide a sanitized 5 gallon bucket with a bag and lid. You scoop as often as you like and fill the bucket. Each week, we will come and clean/sanitize your bucket, provide a new liner, and haul the waste away. 

This is ideal for people who:

  • prefer more frequent scooping than what we currently provide (such as daily or every other day cleaning)
  • wish to avoid the flies and smell of pet waste in the garbage bin
  • have dogs who utilize potty pads or have incontinence diapers
Weekly Bucket Service
Weekly Stand Alone Service
$8.00/visit/bucket (plus $8.00/bucket fee upon startup)
Bucket Service Package Deals (w/scoop or litter service)
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