You’ve got questions? We’ve got answers. Here are answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. If you cannot find an answer to your question, please feel free to contact us.


No. If multiple promotions apply to you, we will provide you with the highest discount available until that promotion ends.

For your convenience, we are able to take your payments via mail, in person, or directly through our webpage. We accept cash, check, Venmo, Paypal, and most major credit/debit cards.

We require payment for your initial startup, and any remaining service dates in the current month, immediately following completion of the service. For all other routine services, we invoice on the 20th of each month for services to be rendered the following month. Services will be suspended in the event of non-payment. Suspended services are subject to another initial fee if more than 30 days has passed since previous service.


We will attempt to accommodate service date and time requests, but cannot guarantee a specific date or time. We utilize scheduled route assignments in order to keep prices low and provide consistent and quality service. We will contact you in the event of any changes to service date.

No. You may sign up or discontinue services at any time through phone, in person, or email. Please note, upon initiation of services, we do require you to complete a customer details page to provide us with information about your specific service needs and sign a quote for your initial service startup amount.

Although we do not require you to mow before we service, we request your lawn be no longer than mid calf. If the grass is longer than that, it is hard for our service techs to find every pile and prevents us from providing a high quality service.

No. Our rates are based upon number of pets, not size. Each size have their own challenges and our rates are set to accommodate all of our furry clients equally.

Please be aware we are closed for service on these days:

New Years Day
Memorial Day
Independence Day
Labor Day
Black Friday
Christmas Eve
Christmas Day

If your service date falls on one of these dates, we will resume service on your next normal service date.

Initial clean-ups often take longer periods of time and may require more resources than yards already receiving our regular maintenance. As such, we charge an initial startup fee, due upon completion of your initial service, along with pre-payment for any remaining service dates in the current month. For more information please refer to our terms of service.

Yes. However, for your convenience, we can retain a key or combination code for your gate if you would like to leave your gate locked. If you forget to unlock your gate, we will attempt to contact you by knocking first and calling second. Should we be unable to contact you, we will cancel your service for the day. Please note, you will be charged for your regular service, but we can arrange for re-scheduling upon your prompt response.

Scoopity Poops provides services all year, typically without interruption on rainy days or in the heat/cold. However, in extreme weather conditions such as lightening storms or hail, we will pause all service activity for the safety of our techs. Rest assured, we will resume services as soon as the weather permits or arrange for a re-schedule if necessary.

At our initial cleaning, we ask that you be present with your pets so our service tech can be introduced to your pets. If your pet is aggressive towards strangers, we ask that you contain them for the duration of the service. If our tech feels threatened during a service, we will immediately discontinue service for that day and attempt to re-schedule with you on a day your pet can be contained.

Because we do not require contracts, we can adjust your services at any time. Just contact us via phone, email, or in person and we will make it happen!

If your pet is not going to be home, please let us know in advance (at least 48 hours) so we can skip those service days. Your invoice will be adjusted accordingly.

Not a problem! Just contact us prior to your move and we can arrange for services to transfer seamlessly upon your arrival to your new home.

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